Seechange Jervis Bay Arts Festival 2016 Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped before and during and after Seechange this year. We couldn’t have done it without you. Jervis Bay and Basin Art’s (JBBArt’s) is a not for profit organisation and we relyon volunteers to organise and manage the numerous art events it hosts. SeeChange Jervis Bay Art Festival, the largest event on the Calender, is no exception. Below is a list of volunteers and participants who assisted in bringing about Seechange 2016


Festival Organisers

Festival  Director – Jenny Robertson
Finance Officer   Denise Stevens
Administrative Assistants – Leslie Lockwood, Sue Tolley, Chemene McKenzie, Barbara Dawson, Leonie McCann, Wil Edwards, Leith Clayton-Brandt, Cheryl Cross, Marg Osterloh
Publicity –  Sue Tolley, Leslie Lockwood
Communications – Ronnie Kroon
Graphic Artist – Colleen Duncan
Website and facebook Co-ordinator  – Grace Biles
Sponsorship Committee –Wayne Pryor, Jenny Robertson, Leslie Lockwood, Sue Tolley
Raffle Co-ordinator – Margaret Willard
Advertising Sales and signage – Pat Campion
Graphic Artist – Colleen Duncan


Jervis Bay Maritime Museum Exhibitions

Dianne Lorentz – co-ordinator
Barbara Dawson – Illuminate Exhibition
Francis Clement – Marine Debris
Lesley Speed Exhibition – Family & friends


Paint the Night

Jenny Robertson – co-ordinator
Sue Tolley
Leonie McCann
Wayne Pryor
Leslie Lockwood
Peter Solness
Syd Green
Ross Portner
Jackson Andre
Shakeela Williams
Jonathon Hill
Akira Kamada
Mason Keane & Jason McManus
Louise Bargwanna
Matt Hudson
Cheryl Clarke
Greg Clarke
Gillian Lejsek
Paul Le Cornec
Royal Fire Brigade


Seafood @ Seechange

Di Laver and Belinda Bunting  co-ordinators
Participating Venues
Wildginger, Supply Jervis Bay, Faro Bianco
5 Little Pigs, Jervis Bay Wild Portside Cafe, Jervis Bay Kiosk,
Maindeck, House of Guangzhou Waterfront Restaurant,
Fudge Addiction, Husky Bakery,  Angels Bayside, The Bayview,
The Huskisson, The Waterhouse, Fudge Addiction,
Huskisson Butchery,  Lickety Lick, Slow Food Shoalhaven,
Gunyah Restaurant, Heavenly Crepes, Wandering Woodfire Pizza
World Famous Fish and Chips Husky Take Away

Volunteer Musicians and Performers

KC Dance Troupe
Indigenous Dance
In The Mix
Michael & Doug
Jaden Spence
Raised Voices
Burning Drums
Vincentia High Drama Class
Kel – Face painting


Coming Home

Amanda Wilson – co-ordinator
Jenny Robertson
Marg Osterloh
John Dyball
Robbie Collins
Sam and Tom Wilson – MC and Sound/Visuals
Rebecca George
Keith Robertson
Grace Kennedy
Denise Stevens

Special Guests
Lizzie Cater: Film producer.
James Cater: Model.
Renee Osterloh: Senior Wildlife Keeper.
Jules Boag: curator.
Kristy-Lee Brown. Defence Force.
Samantha Stiff: Masters of Teaching.
Jake Smyth: Restaurateur.
Dan Bolt: cinematographer.
Steve Smyth: Musician.
Alex Moore: Builder designer.


Art in the Park

Monica Kincade – co-ordinator
Jamie Bedson – stage manager and MC
Inneke Veerkamp
Nowra High School Vocal Group
Adam and Sarah
Octave High
Jam Tarts
Dalial Lucas
Doug and Mike
Vice Squad
Grape Vine Jane

Carla Dcasti
Denise Stevens
Stacie Hamilton
Kerrina Swords
Phillipa Spring
Dora Rognvaldsdottir
Nicole Garrin
Libby Rider

Art Easel Artists
Vanessa Barbay, Nicci Bedson, Daniel Muscat, Lewis Beddingfiel
Denali McGlasken, Eliza Jane, Emily Percival & Kylie Van, Mel Pesu
& Ashley Anderson

Other performer / contributors to Art in the Park
Clowns/Human Easel  – Randal Sinnamon
Radio  –  92.7 Brad Slaughter, Simon Eddy
Photo Marathon   –  Brett Davis
Face Painter  –  Kellie McIlwain
First Aid by RFS – Lilly McGuire, Roger Hart, Ray Ward
Parade puppets  –  Gemma Hart, India Slaughter and Siena Slaughter
King and Queen of Green  –
Roving performer – Ian McColm
CWA  –
Sound Engineer  –  Brad Williams
Volunteers – Paul Sutton, Anna Evert, Anne Fry
Drumming –  Jono Donald, world drumming with Huskisson Public
Art Easels  – made by Men’s Shed members – Steve Collins, Wayne
Grumley, Chris Roberts, Ron Maher, Raymond Poulton.

Volunteers – Peter Franks, Nicky Franks, Greg Weller, Malcolm Griffith,


Wildaboutwords 2016  

Jill Wheeldon  co-ordinator
WAW Committee – Noela Lim, Sue Kucharova, Ronnie Kroon, Kerry Wright, Leonie McCann
Stuart Salvage – MC Trivia night
Main Deck café hosted the Scrabble competition
Jann Kalff judged the book inspired cake competition
Volunteers – Merilynn Weiss, David, Sue Chick


Mad about music

Steve Russonello  &  Sue Tolley co-ordinators
Sound –  Brad Williams
Stage Manager – Lana
Volunteers –  Deb Graham, Chris Senior, Jamie Bedson, Tracey Myers,
Wayne Pryor, Ronnie Kroon
Raffle ticket sales – Marg Willard and Robyn Raffle
In The Mix performed for free
Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra


See of Light  

Dianne Lorentz – coordinator

Special Guests
Craig Walsh- Digital Artist
Julie Freeman – Aboriginal Elder, Story Teller
Miriam Lieberman – Musician
Jacob Antonio – Musician
Wayne Pryor – MC

Local Performers
Theo Baker
Peter Brown
Michael Sarre-Brown
Hans Muggeridge
Peter Lavelle
and friends

Amanda Smyth
Sue Tolley
Claire Hooper
Amanda Wilson
Stan Brown -Oarsman
Sue Brown –boat assistant
James Kestevan – Crew
Nerole Devenish
Laurie Moore re – Firework design
Geoff Barlow
Neroli Devenish
Jessica Lavelle
Beatrix Bradley

Technical Teams
Ollie Davies (Audio Visual Evebts)
Mark Bedford CMG/AV Tech
Chris Snape
Brad Williams – Sound
Michael Sarre-Brown
Steve King
Steve Broadhurst

Lantern Team
Phillipa Springs
Leslie Lockwood
Jessica Lavelle
Beatrix Bradley

Lantern Parade Leaders
Delwyn Family
Tom and Sam Robertson

Crowd / Parking Mgt Team
Amanda Wilson
Marg Willard
Robyn Hill
Marg Osterloh


Leonie McCann
Colleen Duncan
Jackson Andre


Raffle Ticket Sellers

Margaret Willard ticket sales co-ordinator
Robyn Hill
Anna Evert
Kaye and Jeremy


Program distributors

Robyn Hill
Robbie Collins
Trish Todd
Sue Hickson
Sue Huntsman
Denise Stevens
Leslie Lockwood
Pat Campion
Wayne Pryor
Debbie Morgan
Michael Hermes
Meagan Mulligan
Amanda Wilson
Anna Everts
Kaye and Jeremy
Chemene McKenzie
Cheryl Cross
Kate ? (did Culburra)
Vanessa Barbay


Lantern makers

Helen Nugent
Lynn Mullane
Nickie Kennedy
Grace Biles?
Kate (friend of Nickie’s) Mitchell?
Sue huntsman
Diana Lorentz
Jenny Robertson
Ronnie Kroon
Sue Tolley
Dorothy ?
Phillipa Spring


Radio announcements

Sue Tolley
Leslie Lockwood
Leith Clayton-Brandt
Wil Edwards
Cheryl Cross


Volunteers – general helpers

Jackson Andre for shed list
Brad Slaughter & Men’s Shed for prop making
Bamboo supply?
Bay and Basin Camera Club – Mary Furness, Brett Davis, Cheryl Kent
Robyn Pritcher, Colin Talbot,  Gill Souter, Kaye and Jeremy


Small exhibition/other events coordinators

Judy Brown
Di Laver
Pam Crohan
Robbie Collins
Chemene McKenzie
Diana Lorentz
Vanessa Barbay
Lynne Mullane
Kylie Douglass
Amanda Skye Smyth
Clayton Campion
Mary Furness
Lanette Rose
Jenny Robertson x 2
Denise Stevens
Jonathon Wheeldon
Nicci Bedson
Cat Woods
Christian James
Greg Baker
Cheryl Leigh Cross
Annie Mason
Linda Dening
Claudine Irwin
James Kesteven
Anne Gardner
Therese McMahon
Pam Buckingham
Bob Dixon
Jenny McIntosh
Michal Sinnott
Libby Ryder
Deb Grahame
Akira Kamada
Wil Edwards
Max Dingle


Festival Workshops

Ineke Veerkamp
Linda Dening
Vicki Robinson
Helen Nugent
Kylie Douglass
Peter Solness
Leonie McCann
Leslie Lockwood, Chris Grounds, Rebecca Rudd
Sarah Cunningham
Mason Keane
Alison – Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra





The SeeChange Festival requires volunteers to help in a range of ways. Leading up to the festival we need help with the distribution of programs and publicity material, putting up signs and banners, collecting raffle prizes and selling tickets and fund raising generally. During the festival we need help with building props and transporting equipment, this can reduce the festival budget considerably. Volunteers with IT, media, publicity and advertising experience can be a great help, the list goes on.
Volunteers just willing to lend a hand at one event through to being on the festival committee and taking on a specific role are all needed. It can be hard work but it is rewarding and a lot of fun.

If you would like to join the team of volunteers and help in any way please contact seechangefestival@jervisbayarts.asn.au. please write Volunteering in the subject line. It would help if you specify the things you’d like particularly to help with or perhaps things you can’t do, like heavy lifting. A committee member will contact you and discuss options.

Here is a list of responsibilities volunteers are needed for:


 distributing programs, publicity postcards and flyers

 selling raffle tickets and help in other fund raising activities

 help set up/pack up at public events

 supervising the art exhibitions during the festival

 helping with the bar/refreshments at festival events (must have RSA)

 making/repairing lanterns for parades

 have transport and are able to deliver heavy equipment to events

 help with publicity responsibilities such announcements on radio, writing press releases

 helping to build props for special events

 certain administrative jobs such as letter writing, proof reading, and statistical analysis

 first aid assistance at public events (first aid certificate required)


If you would like to be a SeeChange Volunteer email seechangefestival@jervisbayarts.asn.au Please write Volunteering in the subject line.